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Our rates

How much will it cost?  This is usually the first question people ask.  Of course, we have to say... it depends on what you want.   Our average website design costs $1000, however, if you need 5 pages or less with little or no custom graphics it can be as low as $700.  For an e-commerce site with 50-100 products and custom graphics, it will be more in the range of $5000.  You can use our service request form to get a more exact estimate.

All future MINOR updates are free of charge.  Minor updates are... well minor.  That means updating the address, tel. number, adding a line that there is a sale going...etc.  Requests for updates that are not considered minor will be billed separately and estimates will be sent to you for approval.  Our normal hourly rate is $50/hr.  Existing customers receive a 25% discount off this rate (for update work).

Payment Policy

We expect 50% of the agreed upon amount paid before we start, and the remaining balance on the day the site goes live.  For projects estimated at $1000 or above we offer payment plans to help make the website you want more affordable. 

Note:  You are entitled to a full refund within 24 hrs. of signing the contract.  After which we will refund your money less the total hours worked at our standard hourly rate of $50.  No discounts will apply to any hourly charges due to project cancellation.

Service Request Form

In order to give you the most accurate cost estimate possible we would ask that you complete the form below.  It should take less than 10 minutes and will give us the information we need to evaluate the time and effort it will take to get your site online.  Items in bold are required.

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Customer Info




How would you like us to contact you?
E-mail   Telephone   Either


1. Do you have a site now?
Yes    No

If so, what is the web address (URL)?

2. Do you have a logo?
Yes   No

If so, do you have it in electronic format?
Yes   No

If not, would you like us to design one?
Yes   No

3. Approximately how many pages do you need?
1-5   5-10   10-20    20-50   50-100   over 100

4. What material will you submit in electronic format?
All Text & Images  
Some Text & All Images  
All Text & Some Images
Text Only  
Images Only  

5. Do you need e-commerce (online shopping cart)?
Yes   No

If so, how many products do you have?
1-10   10-20   20-50   50-100   over 100

6. What is your current budget range?  
Please Note: Budget ranges do NOT represent how much we plan to bill you for, but rather will allow us to help you eliminate/substitute site features that will raise the cost over your maximum allowance.  (e.g.  If you want: a Flash intro + logo design + 25 pages for $1500 we can help you sort out which features are most important to you and find a cheaper alternative for those that will not fit within your budget.)

$300-$500   $500-$1000  $1000-$2500  $2500-$5000
Over $5000   Not Sure

If $1000 or more, do you need a payment plan?
Yes   No

Site Administration

7. Do you have someone to manage your site?
Yes    No

8. Do you have someone to update your site?
Yes    No

If not, how often will you need us to update it?
Once a week  Every 2 weeks  Once a month 
Less than once a month

9. Do you have a deadline?
Yes   No      If so, when?

Marketing & Branding

10. Do you have a need for graphics work beyond the website? (logos, letterhead, business cards, interactive presentations, posters, ads, yellow pages ads, banner ads, ...etc.)
Yes   No  Not Sure

11. Do you need help submitting your site to search engines?
Yes   No   Not Sure

12. Do you need help branding your site/product?
Yes   No   Not Sure



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